It’s rather odd. I’ve had a whole week of no weird stuff happening to me. Usually my life is a morass of strange connections and unusual happenings. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t go out to look for this stuff, it just sort of happens. I can’t actually remember when it started, unless you count the general oddness of the old country house in which I spent a deal of my childhood.

The oddness of my adult life just seems to have always been there. From black dogs to whistling wanderers there’s always something strange going on. Take for instance the whistling wanderer. I used to own a business involved in aviation wildlife management. My base was airside on a smallish international airport, in an old second world war ammunition store, complete with blast walls and huge steel doors. The days were long and did not end until the last daylight flight had arrived, I would often let my staff go early and end the day myself. After the flight had landed I would hurry back, lock the equipment away and in the sudden quiet would often hear a noise. A slow, almost bored whistling. No tune, just notes, flowing, rising and falling. Not unpleasant. But as I was always completely and utterly alone, distinctly strange. To my mind it was the sound of a bored guard strolling round the buildings. But who knows.

An altogether more sinister experience was waking up in a cold sweat of dread at the same time of night – every single time I stayed in a particular house. Others experienced bed covers being pulled down and nameless fears. It was later learned that a stable lad hanged himself in that room many years before.

Some experiences are benign but weird. Take for instance the time I was driving home past a very remote cottage at around three in the morning. As I passed the gate I happened to look towards the house, there in the gateway, not five feet from me was a man standing bolt upright reading a newspaper – in the dark. I didn’t look in the mirror after I had passed, I knew the nocturnal reader would not be there.

Another local house seems beset with oddness, the (occasional) appalling smell at the bottom of the stairs (where the owner was found dead), the ringing doorbell – which has no cable to it and don’t even ask me about the security cameras!

More recently I’ve heard the sounds of cattle being herded in a deserted clearance village, observed strange dividing lights in the night sky and had a period of ‘corner of the eye’ people where they shouldn’t have been. Really, this is just the tip of the iceberg, my life seems full of this strange stuff (and I’m very much not alone round here) and it was having a period without any oddness that really caused me to think about it.

So, by now, you’ll probably think I’m a tad weird, prone to hysterics, maybe a bit fey? Well, perhaps, but I’m also a dyed-in-the wool country man who has spent countless hours out on the hill and in the forests and know that there is more to heaven and earth and all that…

An Update…

At last I’ve been told where Magnus and Archie are, but I’m afraid I can’t disclose the location for obvious reasons! What I can tell you is that they are on this rather interesting thing: Image

Let’s fill in the blanks…

Let’s be original and say ‘welcome to my new blog’, oh, wait that’s not really very original is it? Never mind, that’s all guff. What we really need to do is talk about what’s happening in the world of the Hunter family.

So, you may have read Windigo? No? Oh well. Here are the basics. My big brother Magnus and his son (my nephew) Archie went off to Canada to find out more about a Sasquatch sighting in Nova Scotia. Cut a long story short it all went a bit pear shaped and Magnus ended up a bit worse for wear. Archie of course was the hero…well him and the poor waif they picked up along the way. That’ll be Sequoia (Seq to you) but I prefer the full version of her name. She is leaning over my shoulder as I type and has just slapped my head for calling her a waif. In fact she’s got far more guts than most. I should add that she is now my ward, what with her being an orphan now.

Why was my brother chasing Sasquatches in Nova Scotia? Well, it’s what he does, he’s a Cryptozoologist. He charges off around the world looking for animals which really shouldn’t exist. Why was Archie with him? Well, it was the school holidays and there was no one he could stay with. Simple as that. Anyway, I’ll add more soon. Thanks for reading.