Let’s fill in the blanks…

Let’s be original and say ‘welcome to my new blog’, oh, wait that’s not really very original is it? Never mind, that’s all guff. What we really need to do is talk about what’s happening in the world of the Hunter family.

So, you may have read Windigo? No? Oh well. Here are the basics. My big brother Magnus and his son (my nephew) Archie went off to Canada to find out more about a Sasquatch sighting in Nova Scotia. Cut a long story short it all went a bit pear shaped and Magnus ended up a bit worse for wear. Archie of course was the hero…well him and the poor waif they picked up along the way. That’ll be Sequoia (Seq to you) but I prefer the full version of her name. She is leaning over my shoulder as I type and has just slapped my head for calling her a waif. In fact she’s got far more guts than most. I should add that she is now my ward, what with her being an orphan now.

Why was my brother chasing Sasquatches in Nova Scotia? Well, it’s what he does, he’s a Cryptozoologist. He charges off around the world looking for animals which really shouldn’t exist. Why was Archie with him? Well, it was the school holidays and there was no one he could stay with. Simple as that. Anyway, I’ll add more soon. Thanks for reading.


About edwardchunter

Hello, my name is Edward Hunter. I sit at home in the Dower House on the Strathnuin Estate and scribble about the adventures of my nephew Archie and his father Magnus, my older brother. Thanks to my gammy leg I don’t get to participate in this exciting world so I must content myself with writing about it. You can find my first book Windigo on Amazon
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