Bimbling along one of the estate roads today in my wee buggy when I spied a lone hiker coming towards me. I always like to stop and pass the time of day with folks who can be troubled to come to such remote and beautiful places for pleasure. The figure was above me and I had one hairpin bend and an ascent of about 200ft to make before I met them.

When I rounded the bend there was nothing, just the track and acres of open moorland. The person had nowhere to go but had just vanished. I know this land like the back of my hand, it’s in my genes and I would know if there was anywhere for them to hide. There isn’t. Where did they go? Who knows, it’s just another little piece of oddness from my odd little world.


About edwardchunter

Hello, my name is Edward Hunter. I sit at home in the Dower House on the Strathnuin Estate and scribble about the adventures of my nephew Archie and his father Magnus, my older brother. Thanks to my gammy leg I don’t get to participate in this exciting world so I must content myself with writing about it. You can find my first book Windigo on Amazon
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