The Green Land Rovers

Did I ever mention the Green Land Rovers? No? Well, I’m going back to the period just before the last major foot and mouth disease outbreak. At the time I was on the road a lot and began to notice when I was travelling on the motorway that a green, civilian, Land Rover 110 Hard Top (i.e. a van) would appear travelling in the opposite direction about every five miles.

Not that odd I hear you say. Well, maybe not but it went on for weeks in the run-up to the outbreak and always the same vehicle type. It sounds like a pretty common Land Rover too but actually, it’s not. Look around, you’ll see them in green, white, blue, red, 90’s, 110’s, 130’s. Station Wagons, Truck Cabs, Hard Tops. Military and Civilian, private and commercial. That’s the thing about Land Rovers, they are infinitely variable. Certainly you’ll see some 110 Hard Tops in green, but not one every five miles. Then came foot and mouth and they vanished.

As the foot and mouth crisis took off a friend called me and began to tell me of the preparations being made…long before the outbreak hit the media….long before the outbreak in fact. A pilot friend telling him of holes being dug, of railway sleepers being stockpiled. A TA friend told of troop mobilisations. We began to think something fishy was going on. We registered the domain name footandmouthconspiracy dot com (now defunct)  through my account and within 10 minutes there was a police helicopter hovering outside my house. Of course, I went outside and waved to the pilot. He stayed there for around 15 minutes. Are all these things connected? Who knows?


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