The Elves, Twitter and the Anthropologist.

There has been a story surfacing and resurfacing recently about Danish anthropologist Kalena Søndergaard who was supposedly kidnapped by elves. It was reported that she lived with them for seven years. This story has been spotted on a number of paranormal blogs and Twitter posts. There were even photographs of her dramatic rescue.

This struck me as more than a little suspect, as you can imagine, so, with just a small amount of work it was easy to discover that the story was a total fabrication, not even the hint of a mystery. So why is it that before these folks publish these stories do they not do just a little checking of their veracity? The only answer I can think of is that they so want to believe in such things that they cannot bear for them to be untrue. In the world of the paranormal, one of the most important tools one can posses is a healthy dose of scepticism.

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