Bigfoot Killed?

I have been asked to comment on Fox News reports that a Bigfoot has been shot and killed. I have yet to see the article but have been following with interest the story on Cryptomundo and other websites that this is indeed the case.

It does strike me as odd that the ‘culprit’ has yet to come forward and show us the body(ies), (he claims two) and claim the ten million dollar prize currently on offer. There have been many folks claiming to have killed a bigfoot over the years. Some have melted into obscurity. others have been proved as fakes. I have seen a photo of the purported body and was interested to note that the hair was very light, along with very pink facial skin. This is perhaps a good double bluff.

As to my opinions on killing a Bigfoot to prove their existence, well, the Victorians filled museums and increased our knowledge by this method but time has moved on. This should no longer be the preferred method of recording, in this case it is quite simply murder. I take Seq’s view that the best means of protecting these wild people is to step back and let them have the forests. We do not have to know everything.


About edwardchunter

Hello, my name is Edward Hunter. I sit at home in the Dower House on the Strathnuin Estate and scribble about the adventures of my nephew Archie and his father Magnus, my older brother. Thanks to my gammy leg I don’t get to participate in this exciting world so I must content myself with writing about it. You can find my first book Windigo on Amazon
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