Huge Thanks!

A huge thanks to the lovely folks who braved atrocious weather last night on the beautiful Isle of Skye to come and listen to my ramblings. Much appreciated. I should add that I was humbled to be on a bill with the wonderful Mandy Haggith whose gorgeous poetry anthology on the subject of trees is a must have.

On the way home the weirdness began to emerge once more. It was clear that there was a presence in the car with me, I don’t know who, or even what. It was benign, possibly benevolent and I felt no threat from it. But never-the-less, it was a spooky and strange experience.

An Odd Goblin

I spend some time on the spectacular Isle of Skye. It’s a wonderful place for writers, not only does the landscape inspire but also the folk history. It’s full of strange tales and odd events, and here is one such which came to my attention.

It was some years ago but probably less than twenty when a new police sergeant was appointed to this particular village. Part of his beat involved a long journey down a single track road, some of it lonely and remote, the countryside dramatic.

The hapless fellow drove his usual route, so they say, and was approaching an ancient and ruined chapel, the name of which I will keep to myself, when directly in front of him a two legged creature of appalling ugliness crossed the road. It was three feet or so high with brownish-grey wrinkled skin and an over-large head. The thing glared at him malevolently with red eyes for a time before disappearing into a culvert.

Well, he did the only thing he could think of. He turned around, drove home, packed up all of his belongings and left the area never to return.