Archie Update

Just a little update about Archie and what he’s been up to recently. As you know, we still have no word on the whereabouts of Magnus so with great sadness we have to presume the worst. Archie is bearing up very well, he’s being very diligent with his school work, not to mention the extra curricular activities. He has recently spent time in Norway ice climbing and time in the Cairngorms learning winter skills. He is developing a real love of the mountains and is already making noises about a trip to the Himalayas in his gap year. A real chip of the old block.

He did have a bit of an adventure back in October here in the Highlands, in fact it was next door to Strathnuin, right here on Loch Ness. He and his new friend Ben (who I’m currently writing about in The Owl Memory) had a bit of a kerfuffle with some bad types who had a dirty scam going. He has given me permission to write it all down so it will come in the form of ‘The Monster Factory’ as soon as I can get it written!

Restless Spirits

Let’s hope the Strathnuin spirits are a little less restless tonight. Last night was one long hullaballoo! Knocking, banging, creaking, tapping, sighing, moaning….everything but the rattling of chains! I wouldn’t like to say who is responsible, but I reckon Great Aunt Maud might be involved. She was never very happy here, always accused the Highland weather of giving her chilblains and arthritis. She’s probably just getting her own back.